Visualization &
3D Modeling

Visualization produces technically high-quality visualization material across a wide range of media, from paper prints to interactive web applications and virtual reality experiences.

Visualizations can be implemented in a variety of levels and content according to project needs and the client’s wishes and objectives. Visualization images are typically used during the design and construction process to illustrate the design solutions both to the site crew and to the end user.

High quality and realistic 3D images also provide a good basis for successful sales and marketing materials.

Visualization images and in particular videos and interactive material are also used as tools for change management in large organizations. When it comes to the visualization of large spatial entities, the advantages of 3D material compared to 2D drawings are significant.

Our Services


  • 3D renderings (still pictures) of interior and exterior spaces
  • Image Editing
  • Photo Implantation
  • Stacking Plans

3D models

  • Mass models
  • Surroundings Model
  • Building Information Model
  • 3D Layouts

Virtual and interactive material

  • Interactive 360° Renderings
  • Comparison Slider
  • 360° Stacking Plan
  • VR material

Videos and animations

  • Walk Through Animation
  • Fly-over 3D Video